WordPress plugin “SMTP Mailing Queue” review

Email queues are especially beneficial for websites that send a high volume of emails, as they significantly boost performance and ensure reliable email delivery. To dive deeper into the advantages of email queues and how they work in WordPress, don’t miss our comprehensive guide: Understanding email queues in WordPress: Enhance performance and deliverability.

The SMTP Mailing Queue plugin for WordPress streamlines the processing of emails on a WordPress site by queueing outgoing emails instead of sending them immediately upon submission. This speeds up form submissions, giving a better user experience, and reduces server load.

At a glance

Feature set

Emails are stored as files and deleted after they are sent. The plugin isn’t just a queue manager but also a mailer plugin. The mailing queue can be processed using wp_cron or a server based cronjob.

Some standout features of the SMTP Mailing Queue plugin include:

  • The ability to send test mails to test your setup
  • Manual processing of the mailing queue
  • Various supervisor tools for managing the queue, including displaying basic information about mail processing performance
  • Viewing the mailing queue in the backend, and displaying sent and invalid mails

Additionally, the plugin includes advanced settings such as queue limit, setting a secret key for web-based triggering, and setting a wp_cron interval.

Users have given the plugin positive reviews for its speed and effectiveness, one even going as far as saying that this is the only working queue plugin.

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