SMTP session log: a WordPress mailer plugin feature

SMTP session log is a feature that provides detailed logs of SMTP session information, which includes the commands exchanged between the email client and the SMTP server during the email sending process. This feature can be useful for troubleshooting SMTP connection issues or for identifying and resolving issues with email delivery.

To learn how to analyze an SMTP session log, check out our articles below:

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    Learn how to read an SMTP session log & uncover the secrets of email delivery! Perfect for troubleshooting & understanding WordPress email issues.

The mailer plugins below support the SMTP session log feature.

SMTP Mailer (by naa986) review

SMTP Mailer (by naa986) review

Discover how the SMTP Mailer plugin for WordPress can help improve email deliverability, simplify email management, and integrate with popular contact form plugins.