WordPress plugin “Mail Queue” review

Email queues are especially beneficial for websites that send a high volume of emails, as they significantly boost performance and ensure reliable email delivery. To dive deeper into the advantages of email queues and how they work in WordPress, don’t miss our comprehensive guide: Understanding email queues in WordPress: Enhance performance and deliverability.

Mail Queue By WDM is a pure email background processing plugin which enhances the efficiency of your WordPress website by shortening the submission time of emails (from forms, etc.), and delegating their processing to a background task. The plugin intercepts the wp_mail() function and stores emails in a database, sending them one-by-one with a delay during the WP Cron. This feature prevents spam bots from flooding your contact form and alerts you if your email queue is running full or if WordPress is unable to send emails.

At a glance

  • Mail Queue
  • Active Installations: 200+
  • Last Updated: 11 Jul 2024
  • Rating: from 3 ratings
  • WP Directory Link: Mail Queue
  • Creator: WDM
  • Version: 1.4

Feature set

Key features of the plugin include:

  • Control over the number of emails and the frequency at which they are sent
  • Logging of every email submission in the queue
  • Alerts when the queue is running full or when WordPress is unable to send emails
  • Compatibility with form builders that support attachments

Administrators should ensure your WP Cron is running reliably and that you’re calling the WordPress Cron by an external service or your web host every few minutes, especially if you’re using a caching plugin or have proxy-caching enabled. The plugin works with multisite installations, but with limitations – activation must be done separately for each site rather than across the entire network.

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