WordPress plugin “Log Emails” review

From the same developers who developed plugin Disable Emails, the Log Emails plugin for WordPress allows administrators to log emails to the WordPress database for later analysis.

The plugin is a useful tool for diagnosing lost email problems as it logs emails to the WordPress database for later analysis. The plugin restricts access to administrators only, and emails with WordPress passwords are obfuscated for security and privacy. The plugin also includes a settings page in the WordPress admin where administrators can define the period for automatic purging of logs. Setting the period to 0 prevents logs from being purged.

At a glance

  • Log Emails
  • Active Installations: 5,000+
  • Last Updated: 17 Mar 2024
  • Rating: from 11 ratings
  • WP Directory Link: Log Emails
  • Creator: WebAware
  • Version: 1.4.0

Feature set

Cool features

Two cool features of the plugin are:

  • Emails which contain passwords are obfuscated for security
  • Logs get definitively purged when the plugin is uninstalled


It’s important to note that while standard WordPress emails are logged, some others may not be. This can occur with plugins that send emails via some other method, such as directly using the PHP mail() function, implementing an SMTP client of their own, or directly connecting to a mail service via its API. The plugin can’t do much about these types of emails.

In terms of performance impact, logging emails with this plugin writes to the database, which carries a bit of overhead. However, the plugin uses a custom post type for its records, so logging each email has the same impact as saving a new WordPress post, which generally doesn’t have a significant impact on performance.

Overall, the Email Log plugin is a useful tool for administrators looking to diagnose lost email problems and debug issues with their WordPress email setup. The plugin’s ease of use, security features, and ability to customize settings make it a valuable addition to any WordPress website.

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