WordPress plugin “GD Mail Queue” review

Email queues are especially beneficial for websites that send a high volume of emails, as they significantly boost performance and ensure reliable email delivery. To dive deeper into the advantages of email queues and how they work in WordPress, don’t miss our comprehensive guide: Understanding email queues in WordPress: Enhance performance and deliverability.

GD Mail Queue is a WordPress SMTP queue manager plugin by Milan Petrovic that adds a mail queue system to intercept emails sent by WordPress core and plugins through the wp_mail function. The plugin processes plain text emails and wraps them in HTML, providing options to customize templates and other aspects.

At a glance

  • GD Mail Queue
  • Active Installations: 800+
  • Last Updated: 9 Aug 2023
  • Rating: from 9 ratings
  • WP Directory Link: GD Mail Queue
  • Creator: Milan Petrovic
  • Version: 4.2.1

Feature set

Standout features include:

  • Intercepting every wp_mail call and adding eligible recipient emails into the queue
  • Turning plain text into HTML emails and supporting all emails sent through wp_mail
  • Allowing users to choose between predefined HTML templates or add custom ones

The plugin uses the PHPMailer built into WordPress for sending emails and has additional options to control the queue sending process and the wp_mail sending process. Advanced email logging is included, with custom database tables for performance and a log panel with filters for logged emails. Other features include:

  • Dashboard overviews for queue and mailer statistics
  • Automatic cleanup of successfully sent and/or failed emails
  • Developer-friendly actions and filters for extra control
  • Support for bbPress subscription notifications and BuddyPress mail system

GD Mail Queue does not replace the wp_mail() function, making it easier for other plugins to manage email sending. It works only with the default WordPress wp_mail function that uses the PHPMailer object and is not recommended for use with other plugins that manipulate the WordPress PHPMailer object. The plugin does not support other SMTP sending plugins, but the Pro version supports popular email services using official REST API libraries and SMTP sending.

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