Zeptomail (by Zoho) as a WordPress SMTP server


In this article, we’ll be exploring Zeptomail, a powerful SMTP server and transactional email service provider with a focus on WordPress site owners and developers. Zeptomail offers a range of features and benefits that can help you enhance your email deliverability and overall user experience.

Boasting an impressive track record, Zeptomail powers more than 45 applications within Zoho’s office productivity suite, handling an astounding average of 110 million emails per month. This achievement showcases their remarkable capacity and serves as a strong endorsement of their capabilities.


Zeptomail is provided by Zoho, provider of a comprehensive suite of online business, productivity, and collaboration applications Their primary features include a very straightforward pricing structure, advanced email analytics, and a range of customization options. The platform is very suitable fro WordPress site owners and developers looking for a reliable and price-effective email solution.

Unique Features of Zeptomail

While Zeptomail offers the regular features you’d expect from high-end email providers, it also boasts some extraordinary features that set it apart from the competition. These are some of their more interesting features:

  1. Email API: Zeptomail’s developer-friendly API documentation enables deep integration with applications that rely on emails, ensuring seamless functionality.
  2. Separate Email Streams: With the Mail Agents feature, users can categorize emails based on domains, applications, purposes, and more. This allows for focused reports and control over email sending and access using unique API tokens and SMTP credentials.
  3. Recipient Activity Tracking: Zeptomail’s email tracking provides insights into email performance, including bounce, open, and click rates. Users can even use a custom domain to track recipient activity.
  4. Real-time Notifications: With webhooks, users can configure instant notifications about bounce, click, and open events on their emails, allowing for immediate updates on email performance.

Pricing and Plans

Zeptomail offers an extraordinarily straightforward pricing structure: $2.50 for 10,000 emails. There is no monthly subscription fee, and there are no tiers. For more detailed information on their pricing tiers, visit the Zeptomail pricing page.

Zeptomail pricing
Zeptomail’s pricing is so straightforward we had to show a screenshot of it

Free plan

The free plan of Zeptomail allows users to send a one-time batch of 10,000 emails. We assume that the six-month expiration term applies to this batch, too. This tier is excellent for those who want to test the service before committing to the paid plan.

Registering for Zeptomail

The registration process for Zeptomail is simple and straightforward. You’ll need to provide basic information and complete any necessary verification steps, such as email or phone confirmation. After registration, you may need to configure certain settings to set up your new SMTP server according to your preferences.

Using Zeptomail with WordPress

Connecting Zeptomail to your WordPress site is very easy, thanks to a dedicated mailer plugin.

Furthermore, there are third-party WordPress mailer plugins that support Zeptomail.

Customer Support and Resources:

Zeptomail provides a range of customer support options, such as email, phone, and live chat. These are accessible through their contact page. They also provide a Knowledge Base, a Resources page and a handful of How-To guides.

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