Troubleshoot: WPForms weekly summary getting emailed; other emails failing


Does anyone have a recommendation for a free contact form plugin that will track entries? Thank you!!

Quick history of my situation:

I used WP forms, but was only receiving the weekly summary email telling me how many entries were submitted, none of the actual entries were being sent. I have played with settings so many times to get submissions to go through. It’ll finally work for me on a test submission, then not again.

I installed Formidable forms today, so don’t know how well it’ll work yet, but it requires a paid version to track review submitted entries. Curious if there are any free plugins that show this info.

Our answer

… the weekly summary email telling me how many entries were submitted, none of the actual entries were being sent.

It sounds like your problem isn’t so much tracking entries – aka “mail logging” – as it is that your site is only intermittently sending out emails.

WordPress WILL give the log a false positive, indicating it sent an email and recording it in the log even though the transmission failed. This could be seen as a feature, and not a bug, because that way when your mailing dies you still have a backup record of contact form submissions in the log. But it gives a wrong indication about the transmission.

Further, the problem is not with your choice of forms plugin, as that doesn’t directly affect mail handling.

Your problem is with your mail handler plugin. You say that you receive WPForms’ weekly summary, so it sounds like you have a mail handler plugin installed and properly configured.

Which is a bit baffling: you’re receiving some messages but not others.

To research this more deeply, what I would do is temporarily:

  1. Disable your current mail handler plugin.
  2. Install and configure the free SMTP Mailer plugin. This mailer has the unique advantage of being able to display the entire contents of an SMTP session between your site and your server.
  3. Use SMTP Mailer’s “Test” tab to try to send a test email to an email address that previously failed.
  4. Review the resulting log for success/failure.

Response from the original poster

This was such a helpful answer!!! Thank you so much. I didn’t have a mail handler plugin (didn’t know that’s a thing, haha). I installed an SMTP mailer plugin and once I got that set up it worked!!! Thank you so much!!

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