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Hi everyone,


4. I have lots of forms (e.g. on the “Contact” page), but I don’t know how to link the buttons so that the info goes to my email address. I think my theme is set up to work with Ninja forms.

Thanks so much in advance!

Our answer

In general, the toolchain to set up forms emailing in WP is:

  1. Forms plugin – creates forms. Each one will have a set of definitions for outgoing mail, but they will generally send out all emails via the next two things:
  2. SMTP mailer plugin – connects your WordPress installation to an email server.
  3. SMTP server/service – relays your messages from WordPress to the world.

It sounds like you have #1 sorted with Ninja Forms.

For #3, choose how/who you’d like to relay your emails (in-house server or third-party server). The simplest approach is to use a freemium third-party email/SMTP service, so you don’t ever need to deal with headaches such as whitelisting and deliverability. Google smtp email service and you’ll find tons of reviews and recommendations.

For #2, if the email service you chose has a native mailer plugin (I don’t want to give names and skew your choice here) then use that. If it doesn’t, there a huge list of mailer plugins to choose from, but our current favorite is SMTP Mailer because it’s tiny while still giving you full visibility into the SMTP session for debugging.

Configure the mailer with the credentials you received from your server/service provider, and you’re done. Test the mailer with its built-in tester.

Test Ninja Forms which should also work at this stage.

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